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By the way… I’ve got some content coming to you in February…

Why? Because I love you…

And if you want to launch a course / book / software company / service in 2018, I want you to read this book first.

It’s my means of preventing any crash and burn for the peeps who’ve supported me over the years.

So… What’s been the hardest part of growing your business?

For me, it had nothing to do with passion, hard work, or putting in the time…

Check, check, and quadruple check…

What I struggled with at first was getting noticed.

Oh, you too?

Sometimes, you invest so much into a new venture, a new product, a new offer, only to roll it out and…


Maybe you get a few subscribers, or a few sales…but definitely not enough to justify the time, money, and energy you spent on it.

If that’s you, I feel your pain.

Did you know about The Athlete Summit in 2015?

What about 2016?

Damn… Crickets again. I’m just saying… You’re not alone.

There’s actually a very simple solution to this problem…

Drum roll please…

Do you know my friend Tom Morkes?

Tom is a service combat veteran turned author, publisher, and entrepreneur. In the past three years alone, Tom has helped more than 50 companies generate hundreds of thousands of leads, and millions in revenue, by applying his launch strategies.

And that’s why fast growth startups like Teachable, and high-profile influencers like Neil Patel hire Tom when they need help with a launch: because he gets results.

Stud. Ace. Wizard.

I can go on…

So what’s Tom’s secret, I gotta have it sauce?

Great question. Glad you asked… Because:

Tom just dropped a new eBook called “Launch Hacks: 9 Proven Launch Tactics for Driving Traffic, Leads, and Sales, Quickly”

Boom. And I’ve got you covered…

Double boom.

Is that really a thing? Double boom?

Anyway, get the book right here!

Why? Because Tom shares the most effective strategies and tactics that he and his clients use to routinely generate tens of thousands of leads, and $100k+ in sales (usually in a two to three week window).

Inside the book, you’ll discover ‘launch hacks’ like:

– The Nudge Prize (a powerful compelling strategy for getting people to share / promote your launch)

– The Masterclass Strategy (webinars are so 2017)

– The Nightclub Sales Page (my personal favorite)

And 6 more simple to implement, but super effective launch techniques.

The better, better news? Tom’s giving his book away FREE.

My recommendation?

Take 2 minutes and download the book now:

Launch Hacks: 9 Proven Launch Tactics for Driving Traffic, Leads, and Sales, Quickly


In this free eBook, Tom takes you behind the scenes of his massive launches, like the launch of Neil Patel’s New York Times Bestseller “Hustle,” a record-setting crowdfunding campaign, a recent launch that generated more than 10,000 leads and 400+ sales, and much, much more.

So here’s the catch…

If you want to build a thriving business, you don’t need to work harder. You need to work SMARTER.

In this free eBook, you get to skip the ‘trial and error’ / ‘bang your head against the wall’ learning curve and get straight to the stuff that WORKS.

Get the book for free now

And shoot me a Muchas Gracias after you execute 😉


P.S. And if you need help executing on this stuff… I got you covered… Just drop a line and I’ll help a fellow hustler out


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