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Tanner Gers is being interviewed and answers the question, how do you keep going?
How you keep going despite the hardships?
How do you keep getting back up every day despite the failures?
How Do You Keep Going?!!
Tanner Gers, motivational speaker, author, professional athlete, entrepreneur, and disability advocate answers this question sharing the words that have established his perspective for gratitude. His perspective for living. His perspective for how…
No matter how tough it gets…
It could always be worse…
And when you understand this… When you know how it could always be worse for you…
You can find the strength to keep going.
You can find the will to push harder, longer, and faster.
When you understand it could always be worse…
Then you can always find the motivation to keep going…
Tanner Gers is one of the best Motivational Keynote Speakers in the nation and motivation game!
As one of the top keynote speakers in the profession, Tanner works for corporations, associations, and universities to teach his method for success, inspire leaders, and maximize their human capital. The result is people achieve excellence, increase productivity, and overall improve their performance in life, school, sport, and business! Basically, Tanner is in the business of taking people from where they are right now to the next level…
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Tanner Gers lost his vision in an auto accident at age 21. After wanting to die, wanting it to all be over… He heard the words, the message, that became the foundation for how he lives his life today.
From that moment, Tanner took action and control over his own life. Now he’s doing what he loves as one of the best motivational speakers in Arizona and in the nation, motivating and inspiring audiences to greatness, achieve more success, and maximizing human capital along the way!

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