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The Real McCoy

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Tanner Gers is a US Paralympian in Track and Field, 2X National Cycling Champion, and the greatest hitter in Beep Baseball (baseball for the blind!). He is a TEDx speaker, author, Executive Director of My Blind Spot, and has been known to be seen hanging out at the White House!

Tanner teaches people inspiring methods responsible for him becoming a professional athlete, US Paralympian, successful published author, and business owner. You will takeaway exactly how to achieve success in life quicker, influentially lead with purpose, and dominate as the Super Hero of your own life.

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You want a speaker who motivates and inspires greater success and performance…

Tanner is a speaker who’s easy to work with and makes you the event planner of the year!

Discover what’s possible at your event with Tanner’s top motivational keynote programs!

What they are saying…

“The talk went beyond leadership. It was about the passions, motivations, emotions, and vulnerabilities that drive me. Tanner cares about his audience.” Dr. Joshua Spodek – Bestselling Author of Leadership Step by Step

“I have seen many individuals with disabilities, and many professional speakers, but Tanner has a unique charisma, leadership, and presence to him that is magnetizing. He will capture you, as well as the whole room, with both his words and his presence.” Hailey Thoman – Executive Director Linkages

“Tanner Gers is an inspiration and his story will help you get perspective on your life and recognize that you can do whatever you put your mind to in any challenging situation you face.” Dr. Isaac Jones – Founder of Designer Health Centers

“He is a man you will never ever forget and his words will be an inspiration to all in his presence.
TANNER GERS COMES WITH MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.” Bevan Olyphant – Entrepreneur and University of Arizona Leadership Professor

“His vision comes from dedication. Complicating matters: Gers is blind. If you've ever met the inspired and inspiring Gers, you knew that wouldn't slow him down.” Patrick Finley – Chicago Sun Times Reporter

Discover methods behind a lifetime of incredible achievement

Motivational strategies that will get you to your goals faster

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Dream Bigger!

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