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Tanner Gers is Your Motivational Keynote Speaker!

Tanner works with corporations, associations, and universities to teach how to succeed faster, lead with purpose, and maximize your human capital to achieve excellence in life, business, and at work! He takes your talent to the next level… Whether at school, work, or from recruitment to retirement…

In this motivational keynote presentation, Tanner Gers delivers a ground-breaking motivational talk to the employees at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s in Tempe Arizona!

Tanner’s motivational keynote program for this talk is based on his TEDx talk, How to become your own super hero… Which is living by The Phoenix Code…

The five fundamental tenants, motivating success principles of The Phoenix Code that will inspire others to achieve success, take action in their life, and achieve their truest, highest potential are the following:

  1. Maintaining the mindset: It Could Always Be Worse
  2. Tanner describes how he heard the words that would change his life forever after wanting to die… These words, the first step in living by The Phoenix Code, became the foundation for how he lives his life today, how to keep going when times get tough, and are the foundation for truly living by The Phoenix Code
  3. Take Massive Action
  4. You can’t take massive action without living by the first step of The Phoenix Code because massive action is inherent with difficulty, struggle, and hardship. You can’t succeed, achieve your potential, or dominate to the point where you’ll achieve your greatness without taking massive action. Tanner explains why you need to stop sitting on the sideline and start taking action right now… It’s simple to understand, yet realizing how you’ll figure it out is a piece that so many overlook.
  5. Face and Beat Your Fears with Reps
  6. The only way you’ll face and then beat your fears is by putting in the reps, the repetitions, the work. There’s no way around this fact. There’s no shortcut to success. To win, you must play, and the only way to do both is to step up and put in the reps.
  7. Do Whatever It Takes
  8. You will get to a point in your life where it’s time to take it to the next level. Your goals get bigger, your dreams grow larger, and you’ve got some wins under your belt. But, as this happens, so does something else. The only way to achieve massive goals, mountainous achievements is to do whatever it takes to manifest them. It demands more than just massive action. It will demand everything from you… And then some… You must show up and you must be able to live by the final step in The Phoenix Code so that you can achieve anything you want in life, business, and every aspect of your life.
  9. Weather the StormsTo inquire about Tanner’s availability to speak, go to or call Subscribe to Tanner’s Vlog here to get more content like this and be sure to follow him on IG to help you live by The Phoenix Code!FB
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  13. Failure in life is the one guarantee Benjamin Franklin left out when he said there are only two inevitable things in life, death and taxes. Failure is the third one, and definitely comes many, many times over, especially as you climb your way into new tax brackets. Embracing this truth, that failure is on its way to you is the fifth step in living by the Phoenix Code. Often, things get tougher when you’re about to break through, and that’s often where 98% of people quit. Will you? Weather the storms, weather the failures, and learn how to keep going… And you will win. Failing is a choice because you’ll never truly fail until you decide to give up.


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